1 May 2015

Ludvico de Vivo, "cuoco di casa"

Ludvico de Vivo, "cuoco di casa" - Appointments - Capofaro Malvasia & Resort

After years of star chefs and distinguished culinary guidance, we’ve returned to our roots: homely fare, traditional recipes and the gastronomic heritage handed down by the Monsù who once cooked for Sicily’s great houses are all woven together in a cuisine that is not just made in Sicily but ‘Made of Sicily’.

The food served, grown and fished at Capofaro tells the tale of this extraordinary territory, and of the soul of a family. It’s a tale that blends the superb produce of the Aeolian islands with the Tasca family’s vision, the land with the people who make their lives on and from it. Ingredients straight from the vegetable garden are freshened up with creative flair in new dishes steeped in local culture. Spinning this ambitious tale from Capofaro’s kitchen is Ludovico De Vivo, a well-travelled son of southern Italy who is as much at home in the world’s star-studded restaurants as he is among the produce stalls of Palermo’s bustling street markets. “My greatest dream,” Ludovico says “is to help our guests – our house-party friends – experience those same emotions we feel while producing each dish, transporting them to where that recipe or that idea sprang from.”