19 July 2014

Malvasia day @Capofaro

Malvasia day @Capofaro - Appointments - Capofaro Malvasia & Resort

The Aeolians brought together by Malvasia, the quintessential varietal of these islands. Sixteen producers will describe their stories, production techniques, territories, and various expressions of how the wine is produced. A chance to discover the many sides of Malvasia cultivation: sweet, wizened, dehydrated, and preserved by the sun, dry with acidity and unexpected aromatic qualities. Volcanic terrain and altitude make Malvasia delle Lipari a varietal that merits exploration: it is the same and different all at once.

On July 19thon the terrace of the Capofaro Malvsia & Resort, there will be discussions and tastings aimed at discovering something more, starting with the etymology of the word, which is still not entirely certain.

A tasting table and the chance to meet with the producers who share the same experiences tied to a single varietal which in the past determined the fortune of the islands of the archipelago, which has become a UNESCO world heritage site.

At 6pm a seminar entitled “La Malvasia ed i suoi territori” (Malvasia and its Territories) will be held byDaniela Scrobogna, who teaches master’s-level courses in sensorial analysis and edits the guide “Guida Duemilavini.” Other speakers will include historianMarcello Saijaand artistLoredana Salzano, whose nom de plum is Alice Attonita. This year, her work of art is loosely inspired by Homer’s myth of the “Wandering Rocks.” “The seven islands, ideally suspended and free to travel the sea at varying heights, ‘untamed islands,’ oscillating on weak pedestals, not stable, but with evident and visible roots coming out of the body of the Islands – says the artist – to underline the deeply rooted winegrowing tradition, tied above all to the cultivation of Malvasia, the common denominator of the identity and past and future history of the Aeolians.”


Participating producers: from the island ofSalina: Tenuta Capofaro, Barone di Villagrande, Colosi, Marchetta, D’Amico, Azienda agricola Giona, Virgona, Fenech, La Rosa, Carlo Hauner, Caravaglio, Florio. FromPanarea: La Vigna di Casa Pedrani. FromLipari: Tenute di Castellaro. FromVulcano:Paola Lantieri and Punta Aria.

Besides their sweet Malvasia, Tasca d’Almerita will also offer tastings of the dry Malvasia DIDYME, the ancient name of Salina depicting the two twin mountains, ancient extinct volcanoes. A tribute to the land and its history.